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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County, Ophir School, Lone Peak High School and community members partner together to meet the needs of the Big Sky community with established school-based and community-based mentoring programs. 

Big Sky Buddies School-based Program

The Big Sky school-based program, Big Sky Buddies, began in the spring of 2012. High school students (“Big Buddies”) are matched one-to-one with a grade school student (“Little Buddy”), and the pair meets once a week in a supervised school-based setting. 

Matches are made based on common interests, personalities and preference of age for both the Big Buddy and Little Buddy.  They typically spend time working on schoolwork together, but they also engage in other activities including reading, sports, visiting, playing games, eating lunch together and hanging out with other matches. 

The Big Sky Buddies Program offers Little Buddies the opportunity to grow by spending time with an older student with whom they look up to.  The school-based program positively affects not only the Little Buddy but also the Big Buddy.  The Big Sky Buddies Program gives high school students a positive extracurricular activity to participate in, while helping them build life skills and serve as a role model.  Big Buddies learn how their actions and behaviors can directly affect others.  Big Buddies involved in the program can also boost their own self-confidence by making a difference in a child’s life and giving back in their own community.

The goal is to create 10 matches between a Big Buddy and a Little Buddy this school year with room to grow. Some matches are continuing from last year, and some will be new. 

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Community Program

In the Big Sky community-based program, local adult mentors (“Bigs”) are matched with children (“Littles”) ages 5-15.  Unlike the school-based program, the community-based program exists within the community and not within the school.  Community-based matches spend time together outside school either on weekday evenings or during the weekend.  They spend their time engaging in any parent-approved activity they wish, such as hiking, biking, arts and crafts and making dinner.  This program gives Littles the chance to build a relationship with a consistent, positive adult role model outside of school. Bigs form a partnership with parents/guardians with one common goal - to give each child the best chance for success. 

In the community-based program, Bigs must be 18 years of age or older, commit to the program for a minimum of 18 months, have a vehicle with current insurance and possess a clean driving record.  The safety and happiness of every child in our program is our first priority. 

To become a Big or enroll a child, contact Amy Hunter.  

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Special thanks to Yellowstone Club Community Foundation for their enduring support of our Big Sky programs!

Big Sky Branch Events

Celebrity Golf Tournament

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From Left: Jolene Clark, Peter Fields (MSU Athletic Director) and Valerie Erwin
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